23 Mar 2012

Shia Invasion

Iran Spreading Shia Faith in Sunni Countries

Before the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011, Iran was involved in trying to convert Sunnis in those nations towards Shia Islam.

In 2009, Morocco broke off relations Iran for spreading Shiaism in the country. "Shia Tide" was unwelcome according to sourses. Iranian Embassy was accused of trying to convert the locals to its ideology of Shia Faith. Media reported that this Shias attempting to making inroads into Morocco was main cause of this diplomatic rift.

A Sunni religious scholar in Morocco, Abdul Bari Zemzmi, who is also an MP warned his people against conversion to Shia Islam. Many people were converting to Shia Faith in the country. He urged that all steps be taken to halt the spred of Shiaism in Morocco. He said tha unless measures are introduced, soon it will be too late to stop Sunnis from becoming Shias.

In other Arab countries too there is fear of a Tide of Sunnis converting to Shia Islam.

Sunni cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi feared mass conversion of Sunnis to Shia Islam. He denounced what he called "Shia's invasion" taking place in Sunni countries. He warned the public to beware of Iranian influence. Al Qaradawi said this matter was very dangerous. He said Shia scholars are practicing evangelism in Arab countries.

Already many important personalities have become Shias:

Hassan Shahata, Religious advisor to engineering unit of Egypt's Army.
Jason Biffi, English researcher.
Dr. Mohammed Tijani Samawi, Religious scholar from Tunisia
Idriss Husseini, Moroccan Journalist.
Damerdash Aquali, Advisor to President Hosni Mubarak.
Romera Montestat, Spanish Cleric.

There is no doubt that a Shia Tide is moving in Sunni lands. Growing number of Shias in Sunni Arab countries is worrying not only Arab rulers, but also Washington and especially Israel. Israel sees Iran as its arch-enemy. Iranian leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel.


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